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Cremation Services in Fort Myers That Puts a Premium on Compassionate Care

You also don't have to worry about the costs involved. Going Home Cremations has an affordable price than most funeral homes that add up overhead costs to your bill. In our bid to give your loved one dignified care, we provide personalized attention to the needs of our clients. Unlike other funeral services that top-off prices, Going Home Cremation has direct costs already. They have an in-house crematory with the necessary licenses and professional staff. Aside from that, Going Home Cremations also supplies urns already. This reduces the need to add up any other charges for the cremation services in Sarasota. We assist you every step of the way. Upon making an arrangement, we make sure to do a timely pick-up of your loved one. Our courteous and efficient staff will be right then and there to transport your loved one from the hospital to our crematory facility. Before doing the cremation activity, we also go out of our way to help you secure the death certificate signed by the doctor before we proceed. Going Home Cremations will also help you in securing a death certificate from the doctor as quickly as possible. This is our way of assisting you to get the cremation done right away. It makes a difference when you choose Going Home Cremations to take care of your loved ones. We offer personalized and compassionate care that your loved one deserves as they depart this world. A first-class licensed crematory will be responsible for the cremation activity, ensuring that your loved one will have a dignified cremation. We have a crematory facility fit outfitted with the proper equipment. Going Home Cremations also has the licenses required to provide cremation services in Sarasota. This provides you with peace of mind knowing that your loved one is in good hands.


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Our cremation services come with dedicated and personalized obituaries to celebrate the life of your loved one. You can choose to have them displayed on our website. This way, you can immortalize and celebrate the life of your loved ones with a dedicated page for them. It's a service that you can expect from Going Home Cremations as we provide everything that you need for the proper care of your loved one even after death. Aside from the primary cremation activity, Going Home Cremations also has more services included depending on the package you chose. If you prefer to scatter the ashes, Going Home Cremations will be glad to assist you in spreading the remains on a designated spot. Going Home Cremations also has available arrangements for those that need a fitting tribute for veterans. Whether you prefer the scattering of ashes or have special requests, Going Home Cremations go out of its way in providing cremation services in Sarasota. The personalized services from Going Home Cremations ensure that your loved one will have a memorable cremation. We have worked with different families in Sarasota on planning and giving a dignified interment for their loved ones. Their final resting place will be in order, thanks to the dedicated and caring service that you can only get from Going Home Cremations.

All of these are in line with our goal to provide you with quality and compassionate care for your loved one. Best of all, the services from Going Home Cremations come at an affordable price. The fees you will be paying for the cremation are far more affordable than if you choose a funeral and other facilities. This is because Going Home Cremations is a direct crematory facility. Thus, reducing your worries when it comes to the bill that comes with the cremation and funeral activity. When it comes to cremation services in Sarasota, Going Home Cremations have all the necessities. Not only will your loved one have a dignified cremation, but Going Home Cremations also provides everything you need for a memorable interment ceremony. Going Home Cremations offers everything you need from the choice of urn, scattering of ashes, attending to specific requests and even obituaries. We go above and beyond the call of our service so that your loved ones will have a proper cremation and interment. The dignified and personalized care from Going Home Cremations is the answer when you're looking for dependable cremation services in Sarasota.

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Make All Necessary Arrangements From The Comfort Of Your Home
Without Driving Anywhere.

Call us 24/7 to make arrangements. Our personalized service will help you to complete the necessary forms from the comfort of your home.

At the time of need we will pick-up your loved one and transport them into our care. Your loved one stays in our care while we get the death
certificate signed by the doctor, registered and approved for cremation. We do this as quickly as possible, usually within 3-5 business days.

The cremation is performed by our first-class licensed crematory. We will place your loved one’s ashes in the urn you chose from our website.
(There is a $100 discount off any urn when purchased with a package.)

Choose where you want the cremated remains to be shipped or pick them up. We can also personally deliver the ashes to your home.

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At Going Home Cremations, We Know That Other Places May Treat You Like Just Another Customer, But With The Personalized.Attention We Provide Our Clients, You Leave Knowing We Care.

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Our staff answers the phone for all new inquiries. They are dedicated caring and will do everything possible to put your family at ease.

Helping Families In Florida For Over 20 Years, We Provide The Same Direct Cremation Services That Funeral Homes Provide Without The Large Overhead Costs.

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