Hospice Care and Cremation

Cremation and Hospice

Having a loved one in hospice care during the end of their life is an extremely stressful time for families. On top of trying to spend as much time with their loved ones, family members need to start planning on what will happen once their loved one passes. Cremation has become to most common way families proceed one their loved one has passed. We will now describe what families should do once their loved one passes and they have decided on cremation.

cremation and hospice
cremation and hospice
  1. Call the hospice office: When your loved one passes, call the hospice office. You may turn off machines, such as oxygen machines or monitors. Some family members prefer to sit with the loved one, while others find this too difficult and will want to leave the room. Do whatever is right for you. When your hospice nurse arrives, he or she will help with the immediate process of pronouncing death and beginning the end-of-life logistics.
  2. Call friends and family: Notify friends and family of the passing. Make sure to prioritize who is told first.
  3. Find a cremation provider: When looking for a cremation facility, make sure to check google ratings, also see if your hospice facility recommends any facilities. At Going Home Cremations, we have over 25 five-star reviews and are recommended by hospice facilities throughout all of Florida. Make sure to ask for pricing, and cremation options. For example, ask about scattering ashes, or make a eco friendly urn. Also make sure to ask for their urn catalog to see if there are any urns your family prefers.
  4. Contact the cremation facility you pick: Make sure to let the cremation facility aware of the death and that you have chosen them for the cremation. Most good facilities will be able to pick up your loved one in a few hours. At Going Home Cremation, we have multiple cremation facilities and are able to do very quick professional pick ups.
  5. Collect any jewelry or belongings from your loved one before they are picked up for a cremation.
  6. Consider having a thumb print taken or any other memorial items decided on within a day of pickup.
  7. Fill out the cremation authorization form: Make sure to fill out these forms quickly as nothing will begin until these forms are filled out.
  8. Have hospice pick up any medical equipment: Make sure to follow up with Hospice if you had any medical equipment.
  9. Consider asking hospice about any grief counseling if needed.