Russell (Sprout) Fraser

Aged: 54

On Saturday, April 10th, 2021, Russell (Sprout) Fraser, loving husband and father of four children, passed away at 54.

Russ (Sprout) was born on May 12, 1967 in Boston, MA. He received his mechanical engineering degree from Cleveland College in 1997. In August of 2011 he met the love of his life Tracy Falardo. Together they raised their daughter Olivia (Punkin).

Sprout had a love for fishing and being outdoors. One could always find him up early enjoying his coffee and tending to his yard or simply enjoying the lake. Russ taught himself both the guitar and painting. The music he made and the art he created were as serene and comforting as his presence. If you asked him how he was doing, he would respond, “Living the dream”. When Russ wasn’t busy enjoying the peaceful things in life, he had a passion for adventuring through Disney with his love, Tracy. Above all he loved Tracy, reminding her every day of his infinite adoration of her. He took great joy and solace in seeing her smile. He was known for his deprecating humor that contrasted with his kind eyes, as well as his appreciation of the healing properties of plants.

Russ is survived by his love Tracy, and his four children, Olivia, Dyson, Stephanie, and Allyson. A memorial service will be held on Tuesday April 20th, 2021 at Lake WhoKnew at 4:20 p.m.


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  • Myra Rigdon says:

    So sorry for your loss…Russ will be remembered for his kindness and love for fishing…rest easy Russ I will always remember you every time I hold and love on my maltese Elvis you gave of my greatest and most loved gifts…

  • Denise Waldridge says:

    I never met Mr, but I am sorry, he passed , at such a young age.But Tracy, he will show you, in a lot of different ways ,that he is with you ,everyday, and that he loves you. I love you too.
    Denise Waldridge

  • Suzanne Kuligowski and Family says:

    Our deepest condolences.The loss of cousin Russell is felt by us all here in New York.Our thoughts and prayers go out to to all who loved Russell.May you rest in peace.

  • I will always remember singing *Stair Way To Heaven* with you, I’m sure you *Moon Danced* all the way up those stairs… Debra