Thomas left us suddenly and very unexpectedly.  He was a beloved son, spouse, father ,uncle too many.  He was always the life of the party and could always bring a smile to people’s faces.  His memory will live with us forever.  Arrangements have not been made yet.  In lieu of flowers, please make donations to Gulfport Get Rescued.


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  • Cameron, Debra, and Duke Mael says:

    This week is the 8 year mark of when we made our big move from our lifelong Kansas roots. We still remember one of the very first people we met here that made a good impression on us was Tommy. It really hurt to reas about this tragic loss. A couple years after we moved here, our other son was murdered in Kansas one month before he was to move here. We will never forget how kind Tommy was to us about that. We also made friends with another well known person around Gulfport…our dearly departed homeless friend Dennis. Tommy was also kind to Dennis. What a great person Tommy is, and it was an honor to have called him our friend. We saw him everywhere it was like having another son. I’ll never forget how we had bought Dennis a brand new bike. Other Gulfport residents thought that was a mistake, lol. Welllll….it was, and it wasn’t. Anyone who knew Dennis knew how questionable he could be. Dennis had a big problem getting his bike stolen. Tommy evidently did too. The next day after we gave Dennis that new bike, he gave it to Tommy the next day because Tommy’s bike got stolen…and since Tommy was always do kind to Dennis…Dennis have Tommy the bike we gave him. Wow. That story has stuck with us. Few probably know that poor Dennis succumbed to cancer about 3 years ago. It was sad how it seemed nobody missed him, but Tommy did. We will miss them both. Our prayers to those who cared also, especially to their families and loved ones.