5 Forms For Cremation that you will need!

  1.  Vital Statistics Form for the Death Certificate: This document is issued by the local health Department. It serves as a proof of death. It is always required before cremation can take place. The Vital Statistics form needs to be filled out in Detail so that we can type the Death Certificate Accurately.  Then the Doctor can sign and fill in the Cause of Death. This Form Can be found under the FORMS tab on the Going Home Cremation Website at our Forms Page.
  2. Authorization for Cremation: This document is signed by the next of kin or legal representative of the deceased. It gives permission for the cremation to take place. Basically, it is a permission slip for the cremation. NOK (next of kin) is determined by the relation to the decease. The first in line is the Spouse, then the Children, then Parents and finally Brother and Sisters. This Form Can be found under the FORMS tab on the Going Home Cremation Website.
  3. Cremation Permit: This document is issued by the county or state and authorizes the cremation to take place. It typically requires the signature of a medical examiner or coroner. We will issue this and when you pick up the ashes, Going Home Cremation will provide the permit to you.
  4. Disposition of Cremated Remains Form: This document lets us know what should be done with the ashes of the deceased. It tells us who to release the ashes to, or who will be picking them up. It may include options such as scattering, burial or keeping the ashes. This is part of our “Cremation Authorization”. You will fill out on the Cremation Authorization Form what your instructions are.
  5. Contract for Cremation Services: This document outlines the terms and prices of the cremation service, including the cost, services provided and any additional fees. Faye will fill out this form with you at the time of death.

Where you Live Depends On the Forms Required

It’s important to note that the specific forms required may be different for every county in Florida.  It will depend on the location of the funeral home or cremation provider. It’s best to consult with a us at Going Home Cremations for immediate answers. We ALWAYS answer the phone if you need help applying for a death certificate or any other forms. Call us  for more information on the required forms in your area.