5 Reasons Why People Select Cremation

Cremation continues to to chosen over burial and here’s why:

A loved one passing away generates a lot  of decisions for a family.  Cremations have outpaced burials for the last three years. Even the Vatican has called the trend toward cremation “unstoppable.” (The Roman Catholic church allows its adherents to be cremated, as long as the ashes are kept in a sacred place, not at home or scattered.)

  1. It costs much less.

The most-cited reason for choosing cremation over traditional burial is financial. A direct cremation, in which the body is taken straight from the place of death to the crematorium, costs about two-thirds less than a traditional funeral and burial.

      2. It is easier on our environment.

A traditional burial requires the use of land, metal and/or wood for a casket, and potentially toxic embalming fluids.

  1. It is seen as less traditional.

Families also driving a trend to personalize final arrangements, and cremation offers a customized ways to celebrate the life of the deceased that a casket burial just can’t match. You can have ashes made into jewelry. Scatter on beaches and in water, around your favorite place or keeping the ashes at home with the family..

  1. Long Distance for Families

Family members are often spread across the country,  and.it isn’t as simple as it once was to gather children, grandchildren, and extended family members together on short notice for a traditional funeral. Cremation buys the family some time, especially if the death was unexpected, to plan and gather for a memorial service.

  1. It’s convenient.

It may be hard to imagine that folks might choose their loved one’s final arrangements based on what’s easy. But sometimes, planning a funeral is more stressful than the loved one  can handle:

  • It’s quicker. Making funeral decisions is emotionally draining and overwhelming for mourners. They may choose cremation to end the process sooner.
  • The ashes are portable if they’re placed in an urn or other container, so they can be taken with loved ones if they move.
  • Families have more time to decide what to do with the ashes.
  • No matter the reasons. Cremation is a choice worth considering

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