A loved one passing away generates a lot of decisions for a family. Cremations have outpaced burials for the last three years and here are some of the reasons:

Cremation Costs Much Less Than Traditional Burial Does

The reason many families and loved ones choose cremation over a traditional burial is usually monetary. A direct simple cremation, in which the body is taken straight from the place of death to the crematorium, costs about two-thirds less than a traditional casketed funeral and burial.

Families can pay $15,000 – $40,000 for a traditional Burial. Caskets range from $2,000 to $15,000. Cemetery property can cost $5000 to $10,0000. Headstones vary but can also cost up to 10,000 and then the funeral itself can cost over $8,000.

This is a huge investment for any family to consider when Cremation alternatives range from $2000 to $5000. This is a huge saving for families that do not want to spend so much to memorialize their loved ones.

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You Do Not Necessarily Stay Local In Florida

Many families have Loved ones that pass away in Florida. Many times these family members are out of state and cannot get here for days or weeks. Going Home Cremation has convenient forms and online signatures that families can use. You will call Going Home Cremations when the death has occurred. After signing our online forms, we will have our transport services take your Loved one into our care. We are usually there for hours to take your loved one into our care.

All of this CAN BE DONE without you being local. We will take care of everything needed while you are making arrangements to come to town. Some families actually wait for the Cremation Services to be complete before they travel to us.

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Cremation Is More Environment-Friendly

A traditional burial requires the use of land, metal, and/or wood for a casket, and potentially toxic embalming fluids. Embalming fluids will escape from the casket over time especially if your loved one is placed in a wooden casket.

The burial vault is also porous since it is made of concrete. No matter what you do, it is very hard to protect the environment from embalming fluids and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is very toxic to our water system.

Funeral directors that are exposed to these chemicals on a daily basis are also affected by these chemicals. Funeral homes have to clean their embalming rooms on a daily basis and when they wash these chemicals into the drains, and they are getting into our sewer and water treatment plants.
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Cremation Is Seen As Less Traditional

Families are also driving a trend to personalize final arrangements, and cremation offers a customized way to celebrate the life of the deceased that a casket burial just cannot match.

There is no rush to have a memorial service when your loved one is being Cremated. Families can choose to have the Memorial services in their homes, at the beach, on boats, or in favorite parks or properties.


There is no tradition when it comes to ashes. Because ashes are considered final disposition there are no laws governing a family’s choice except for scattering on private property that you do not own.

Long Distance Families

Family members are often spread across the country, and. it isn’t as simple as it once was to gather children, grandchildren, and extended family members together on short notice for a traditional funeral. Cremation gives the family some time, especially if the death was unexpected, to plan and gather for a memorial service or a celebration of life service.

The cremation process can take two to three weeks to finalize which gives you plenty of time to plan a memorial service. This extended time will allow for all family members to make travel arrangements without the stress of time. Families usually hold “remembrance Services” Celebration of Life Services” weeks or months later.

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Cremation Is Convenient And Not Hurried

It may be hard to imagine that folks might choose their loved one’s final arrangements based on what’s easy. But sometimes, planning a funeral is more stressful than the loved one can handle. Making funeral decisions is emotionally draining and overwhelming for mourners. They may choose cremation to end the process sooner.

  • The ashes are portable if they’re placed in an urn or other container, so they can be taken with loved ones if they move.
  • Families have more time to decide what to do with the ashes.
  • Family members can take the ashes with them after the cremation and decide weeks or years later. Sometimes family members will hold on to one loved one until their spouse passes away and then they place the ashes together. This is called Co-mingling of cremated remains. Then at a later date that is convenient to all family members or at a family reunion, the ashes can be scattered together or buried together.No matter the reasons, cremation is a choice worth considering.

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BUDGET. Burial Of Ashes vs. Casket In A Cemetery

It is much less expensive to bury ashes in a cemetery than it is in a casket. The price of cemetery property can range from 2000 per spot to 20,000 per spot. If the family wants Memorialization of the ashes it is much less money to buy a smaller cemetery spot for ashes. These spots are known as Niches, Cremorials, and Mausoleums. Some cemeteries have scattering gardens that will scatter the ashes and then place a plaque on the wall with your loved one’s name, date of birth, and date of passing.

If a loved one has previously been buried years earlier, you can also “Inurn” the ashes in the same spot as the person that was previously buried. Usually, the cemetery will charge an Opening and Closing fee, but the space has already been paid for. Most cemeteries allow One casket and One Urn in each spot. This is a great way to keep your family members together and in the same general area of a cemetery. If it is a cemetery spot or a Mausoleum, you can usually put one casket and one urn in each spot. You would then have two names on one grave marker or headstone.

Contact your local cemetery or the cemetery that you have a loved one placed in, and ask them if you can place cremated remains with your other family member. Some cemeteries will charge an interment fee but it is usually much less than purchasing a property for just the ashes.

Some churches have memorial gardens that will sell space in their cemetery at much lower prices than cemeteries. If you are a member of the church they will sometime give space for free. Ask your church what the requirement are to be placed in your church cemetery.

Affordable Direct Cremation Services At Going Home Cremations, Florida

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