The Average Cost of a Cremation in Florida

The Average Cost of a Cremation in Florida


florida low cost cremation services
florida low cost cremation services

Since 2015, cremation has become the top choice for families when it comes to cremations vs burials. It’s predicted that within 20 years over 80% of people will choose cremation as their final wish once they pass away. In Florida, it seems like cremation is getting close to the 80% already, due to the lower costs compared to normal funerals and the ease of arranging direct cremations in Florida. Especially areas where “snow bids” tend to migrate like St. Petersburg, Tampa and Fort Meyers, Florida. One of the biggest issues for Florida families is figuring out what’s an appropriate price to pay for a cremation in Florida. What is why below, we will break down the average cost of a cremation in Florida.

This increase in frequency in cremation as the number one choice for families in Florida has led to a boon of facilities offering direct cremations in Florida. In general, the prices for direct cremations in South West Florida range between $700-$3000. Cremations that fall below the $700 price in general have a lot of additional fees, so in truth their direct cremation prices when everything is said and done are closer to $1200.

There are a few reasons for the incredible variability in Florida direct cremation prices. First, it depends on facility you choose to have your cremation done. In Florida, funeral homes have very large overhead costs, and in years past they received most of their profit from funerals that on average would cost Florida families $10,000. Now that direct cremations in Florida are becoming more popular, they have had to change how they receive their profits. They now have increased their prices of their cremations to compensate for the reductions in burials. So, in general, the highest priced cremations in South West Florida are from funeral homes that are selling cremations. Funeral homes also tend to upsell additional cremation options more and will try and get families to use their cemetery for example, which can add thousands of dollars onto the costs of a Florida cremation.


cremation cost in florida

For the direct disposer facilities that only offer cremations in Florida, their prices tend to be lower than funeral home prices. But the big thing to be aware of from these facilities is where their crematories are located and the reviews they have. It is important to research any cremation facility you look at in Florida to make sure your loved one will be handled with dignity and care. We suggest Google and Yelp as great ways to research customer reviews.

We wanted to spend a moment and break down common things you will pay for when your loved one dies and wants a Florida cremation.

  • Cremation Cost
    • This is the biggest cost and in general, just includes the costs to have your loved one cremated.
  • Transportation of Your Loved One
    • You will have to pay to have your loved one picked up from where they passed to be brought to the crematory. If your loved one is larger than an average person, there tends to be additional fees due to increased need for additional men to help transport your loved one.
  • Refrigeration
    • In the state of Florida, there is a mandatory 48 hour waiting period before your loved one can be cremated, so they need to be refrigerated at the crematory while this waiting period occurs.
  • Casket to Be Cremated In
    • Your loved one will be cremated in casket and the prices can vary.
  • Urn (We include an urn for free in our direct cremation)
    • Try and find a Florida direct cremation facility with well-priced urns. Urns can be incredibly expensive. That is why at Going Home Cremation, we include an urn for free in the cost of our cremation.
  • Obituary
    • Obituaries can be a surprisingly expensive add on to cremations in Florida. We have even seen them cost families close to $1000. We include a premium obituary for free for our Florida direct cremations.
  • Death Certificates
    • There will be county fees for death certificates that everyone has to pay, and they are set by each county.
  • Paper work fees
    • Preparing your loved one for a cremation takes an incredible amount of paperwork, and most all facilities charge for that. When your loved one passes, the direct cremation facility has to undergo many steps to get the cremation approved, have the doctor sign the death certificate and then to get the death certificate approved, these steps can take many hours.

The Average Cost of a Cremation in Florida


At Going Home Cremations, we offer direct cremations in St. Petersburg, Fort Meyers, Trinity, Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte, Florida. But most importantly, we want all families searching for Florida direct cremations to understand the average cost of a cremation in Florida so they can make the best choice for their families.