Cremations and Environment Protection – How To Protect The Environment With Cremations?

cremation and environment protection

Cremation has become more and more popular these days, taking over traditional burial. There are several reasons for the growing popularity of cremation. One of those is the effects on the environment.

Is Cremation Or Traditional Burial Better For The Environment?

how environmental friendly can cremation be

The fact is that both funeral alternatives pose environmental impacts. However, findings and reports show that cremation is 10% less damaging compared to traditional burial.

Burial occupies space and extra land, which is one of the main reason why space is increasingly scarce and burial service fee is more and more expensive. In addition, when the body decomposes, the liquid produced will pass through the coffin and soak into the soil. For patients who died from incurable diseases such as cancer, excess chemotherapy and radiation are released into the soil.

On the other hand, cremation is more of a labor and resource-intensive process. The main concern about cremation is the emission released. However, there are rules and regulations that help to combat this problem. Another cremation benefit over traditional burial is that it reduces the use of harmful embalming chemicals, caskets, etc.

How To Protect The Environment With Cremations?

Avoid Embalming Chemicals

The purpose of embalming is to preserve the body for viewing. The embalming process involves harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, which causes pollution to land, and water. Formaldehyde is also toxic to plants and animals. With simple and direct cremation, there is no embalming needed, which is not only a greener but also a cheaper option.

no embalming protects the environment

No Casket Use Or Choose An Eco-friendly Casket

With the option of cremation, caskets are not required. Avoiding the use of caskets, people are saving natural resources such as metal and wood – fewer trees are cut down.

In the case where a casket is needed, people may choose eco-friendly caskets, which are made from bio-board, cardboard, and wicker.

How to protect the environment with cremation bio caskets

Use A Bio-Urn For Your Loved One

While there are a wide variety of urn selections with different styles, colors, patterns, and prices available, the best option for the environment is bio-urns whose decomposition does not hurt the ecosystem.

Scatter Ashes or Plant A Memorial Tree Rather Than Bury The Ashes

After cremation, there are different options to do with the remains. Some green options include:

  • Scatter The Ashes
  • Plant Trees
  • Turn The Ashes Into Coral Reef

These options do not harm the planet. Planting trees and turning the ashes into a coral reef also benefit marine life and the environment.

scattering ashes at sea florida

Publish Funeral Information Online

Instead of traditional prints and newspapers, families can use social media to write an obituary and send the death notice and funeral service information instead of traditional prints and newspapers. Some advantages include less paper use, faster, wider transmission, and it saves time and money.

cremation and environment protection free online obituaries


Pollution has been a hot issue as it has a significant impact on our life, especially in the situation of global warming. At Going Home Cremations, we are aware of the importance of environmental protection going along with the growing popularity of cremation.

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