Different Types Of Urns And Cremation Jewelry

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At Going Home Cremation we have many different types of cremation urns.

Families seek out ways to remember their loved ones after our cremation has been done. Using a unique urn after a cremation is a way to capture aspects of your loved one’s personality for years to come. There are many different options when it comes to urns after cremation and below, we explain some of the options.

Going Home Cremation Has Cremation Urns and Cremation Jewelry.

Choosing a cremation urn is not something you do every day. There are many choices available. It can be difficult knowing where to start. Going home cremation has a complete catalog of cremation urns and jewelry. You also can call us so we can guide you through helping you find an urn of your choice.

Most cremation urns are a box shape or a vase type of container that is specially crafted to hold ashes. Cremation urns are made from a wide variety of materials such as wood, metal, and marble.  They can range from very basic to very decorative and ornate. The more ornate urns are meant to be a work of art and displayed in the home.

There are many different styles and types of cremation urns.

There are single large urns and smaller urns where you can divide the ashes. At Going home cremation we have both.

The large individual urns usually hold 200 to 300 Cubic inches.  Basically, I like to describe the average size of ashes similar to a 5-pound bag of sugar. A full-size urn is usually 9- 12 inches tall and usually about 6 to 8 inches wide.This type of cremation urn is enough for one person.

Types Of Urns And Cremation Jewelry
Types Of Urns And Cremation Jewelry

There is also a companion urn that is made to hold two family members.  The ashes can either be separate or commingled. These urns are much larger. Usually about 12 inches tall and about 12 inches wide. These are the types of urns to use if you had parents that wanted to stay together or something along those lines. However, when it comes to these urns, you need to be ensured if they are separate or commingled in case you ever wanted to separate the ashes at a later date.

Going Home Cremation also has a wide variety of scattering urns. Scattering urns are very popular in Florida for a cremation. These type of urns allow you to cremate your family member in Florida and either spread or place your loved one in the ocean. However, make sure to always follow local and state laws when it comes to scattering cremated remains. These are urns that are biodegradable so the ashes can be scattered from the urn directly or you can put the urn in the water and it will biodegrade.

Keepsake cremation urns are meant to keep only some of the ashes and give the family members. Keepsake urns are meant to hold a tiny bit of ashes up to about a cup of ashes. There are cremation keepsake necklaces and jewelry.

At Going Home Cremation we have very unique cremation keepsake urns where we can mix ashes in with glass and have it made into different shapes. The wide variety of materials that keepsake urns come in are crafted from versatile options for different family members.

Going Home Cremation also has the ability to personalize some of our urns. The wood urns can have engravings on them, the metal earns can usually have engravings and or photos.

Feel free to call us at Going Home Cremations if you need any help in selecting a cremation urn. We are located in Sarasota, Fort Myers, Punta Gorda and Saint Petersburg.

We are here for you.

Urns And Cremation Jewelry