Where to Get Cremation Urns Near me

At Going home cremation, we offer a wide variety of cremation urns for your departed loved ones. An urn is the best way to keep the remains of your loved ones close, and if you are looking for an urn, our prices are pocket-friendly, and we offer a wide variety of options. 

You can browse through our cremation urn catalog, and please call Going home cremation at 941-320-1179 for pricing.

Our cremation urns can range from solid marble urns to urns made of cardboard for scattering at sea.

While some families may choose to bury the remains of their loved ones in a cemetery, others might prefer to scatter them in water bodies around Florida. We manufacture our scattering urns from cardboard and paper mache so that they will disintegrate in the water. 

We also offer scattering urns that are made of salt. These salt urns are specially designed to instantly melt when it comes in contact with water. However, these salt urns are not meant to be kept in storage for prolonged periods, as they will disintegrate due to the moisture in the air. 

Some families also choose wooden urns. Our wooden urns come in several colors and various types of woods, including oak, Cherry, pine, and hardwoods. We also offer engraving or custom-made plaques on these wooden urns. These urns are specially built to be displayed on the fireplace mantle or a bookcase. 

We also offer urns made out of man-made polystyrene. These urns do not disintegrate easily and are meant to be buried in the ground. These urns come in a state-of-the-art finish that resembles a marble surface. We offer these urns in double or single layers, making them highly durable.

Going home cremation’s most popular urns can be found on our home page. We make these urns from metal and resemble a vase’s shapes. We also offer several designs on these urns, ranging from floral prints to picturesque scenes.

Purchase an urn at Going home cremation. You could take $100 off any urn in our catalog if you also choose to perform the cremation services for your loved one in our state-of-the-art facility.

Going home cremation also offers a wide variety of keepsake urns, keepsake necklaces, and jewelry. 

You can opt for a pendant or a necklace that can hold a tiny portion of the ashes of your loved ones. We offer stainless steel necklaces that cost as low as $89. We also offer a wide variety of sterling silver and solid gold necklace urns at relatively low prices.

Please feel free to reach out to Going home cremation for any questions you may have on cremation urns.