Important Factors To Consider When Scattering Cremation Ashes

Important Factors To Consider When Scattering Cremation Ashes

If you are cremating your loved one and choose the option of scattering ashes afterwards, the tips below might help you plan and hold the ceremony for your loved one.

Here are the things you should plan beforehand:

  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Attendees Of The Ceremony
  • Scattering Urn Selection
  • Scattering Location


Weather is the most important factor when making plans for the scattering ceremony. The recommendation is to avoid windy days as it might be challenging to control the cremation ash direction. A gust of wind could blow the ashes onto people or into places you do not want them to go. Also, when it is harsh winters or rainy seasons, scattering in a hiking destination is not a good option.

The best time for spreading the ashes is when there is a light breeze. If you are scattering in the harsh weather, choose the place where it is calm and does not involve much moving. In addition, it is crucial to know the wind direction and release the ashes downwind so that you can control where the ashes go.

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Travel With The Cremains

You need a container to carry the remains to the scattering destination. Many people simply use a box from the crematorium or funeral home, others may prefer decorative urns. Whatever you decide, make sure that the urn is sealed tightly in order to avoid spilling.

If you are flying with the cremains, make sure that you follow the The Rules of Shipping and Flying with Cremated Remains and Ashes and safety instructions.

travel with cremation ashes

Urn Selection

It is highly recommended that you should select the container that is easy to open when it is the time for scattering. A common option is scattering urns with top opening design.
After the ceremony, many people decide to keep a portion of the remains. In this case, you can purchase a small urn or a keepsake for display.

choosing a cremation urn capacity and size


Attendees Of The Scattering Ceremony

If you are planning on inviting family and friends to the ceremony, you should inform the attendees of memorial or funeral details with the address and date, the order of the event.

Also, it is crucial to let them know the travel expectations so that they can prepare and dress accordingly.

Scattering Ashes In Florida Comprehensive Guidelines

Scattering Locations

When choosing the location for the scattering ceremony, you should be well-aware of the state and local rules and regulations. Moreover, it is commonly stated in scattering law that people should not spread ashes near trails and other public areas as it could cause pollution to the neighborhood.

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