Options to Pay for A Cremation in Florida

options to pay for cremations

Cremations in Florida can vary in price greatly and be a very expensive purchase for the family. However, there are options for families that have to pay for a direct cremation and cannot afford to pay the whole price all at once. At Going Home Cremations, we want to make sure our families can afford their cremations so we have created this article to help guide families that are arranging a cremation in Florida.


Choose a direct cremation

  • If you choose a direct cremation over a normal cremation with a viewing or a funeral, you will save thousands of dollars. The average direct cremation price in Florida is around $2,000 whereas a funeral in Florida can be over $15,000. With this smaller price point, we have seen many families can then afford to cremate their loved one without as significant of financial concerns when they choose a direct cremation in Florida.


Life Insurance Policy

  • If your loved one had a life insurance policy, then there is a good chance the simple cremation cost can be covered by the life insurance policy in Florida. The exacts depend on the life insurance policy and who the beneficiary is for the policy. In general, these policies can take 30 to 60 days to be paid out in Florida, so most families will need to arrange an intermediate payment plan. However, some direct cremation facilities will help you process the life insurance policy and then you do not have to defer the payment.


Payment Plans

  • Many direct cremation facilities include Going Home Cremations work with families for payment plans by referring them to companies that can help with payment plans. In general, the families will apply for a payment plan so they can make smaller payments for their direct cremation in Florida.


Burial Insurance

  • Families can purchase burial insurance and so when the time arrives that a family member passes, the insurance will cover the cremation costs. It is important that the beneficiary of the policy be involved in arranging the cremation in Florida.


Crowd Funding

  • We have seen an uptick in families using crowd funding to help cover cremation and burial costs. Websites like GoFundMe can help families cover some or all of the cremation costs.


Veteran Benefits

  • If your loved one was a veteran, when they pass, you should reach out to the VA to see if they can help covering the cremation costs.


Employer Programs

  • Some employers offer their employees assistance in paying for a cremation or burial when an employee or their direct family member passes.


Body Donation

  • You can donate your loved one’s body to science which will eliminate all costs associated with their death. However, you have no control of the body at that point.

how to pay for cremation in florida

At Going Home Cremations, we will try and help our families figure out how to pay for their loved one’s direct cremation in Florida.