Recommendations for scattering ashes in Pinellas County.

Going home cremations will scatter the ashes of your loved ones with the utmost respect through one of our three packages. Our price for the scattering of ashes with no attendance is $195.

Our scattering services with no attendance offer you the chance to have your loved one’s ashes scattered out into the Gulf of Mexico with care and respect if you cannot be there to scatter them yourself.

We take your loved one’s ashes 3 miles out and scatter them. This is done if a family member cannot be present due to unforeseen circumstances.

You can also choose a scattering cruise if you wish to scatter the remains by hiring a boat. However, one needs to follow certain rules and laws, so ensure that the captain of your boat scatters the ashes per the regulations.

Going home cremation offers scattering urns that can be dropped into the ocean. These urns are designed to disintegrate completely when it comes to contact with water; however, you can also choose to pour the ashes if you wish.

Some families decide to scatter the ashes on their personal property. You do not need to follow any regulations as there are no specific laws regarding them.

However, without prior permission, you cannot scatter ashes on someone else’s property.

Please feel free to call Going home cremation if you have any questions about scattering ashes in Pinellas County.