Different Religious Views Towards The Practice Of Cremation

Different Religious Views Towards The Practice Of Cremation

Cremation is becoming more widespread in the United States as it brings lots of advantages. It not only is cost-effective but also makes the living environment healthier. Also, cremation saves land while the world population is increasing.

Nevertheless, when it comes to cremation, some people are concerned about how religions and cultures hold different attitudes towards cremation. In most religions, cremation is encouraged and accepted, while in some others, the opposite is true.


Buddhism states that every human being has two parts: body and spirit, or soul. When a person dies, consciousness is no longer in this body and the pure spirit part will move to the next life. In other words, the soul continues to reborn into a new life.

Therefore, whether the body is buried or burned has nothing to do with the consciousness or the soul.

Buddhism Views Towards The Practice Of Cremation

In addition, according to Indian Buddhism, cremation is an inherent custom of ancient India; however, it is not compulsory. It helps to remind us that when someone is dead, that spirit should not be attached to the body. More interestingly, it is known that before The Gautama Buddha chose to leave his life, he asked his body to be cremated. After that, many Buddhist and Buddhism believers have been following his footsteps when they die.


A long time ago, cremation was not allowed for a variety of reasons. However, in 1963, the Church accepted cremation in some circumstances.

In 1997, after the body was cremated, the Catholic Church allowed the family to hold a Christian celebration of life. Before this day, the body must be taken to the church for a funeral and then taken to the crematorium. The remains would then have to be buried in a Catholic cemetery or in a non-denominational cemetery, where the grave is blessed by a deacon or priest. Additionally, cremated remains must not be kept in jars or other containers at home.

Christianity Views Towards The Practice Of Cremation

Nowadays, although cremation is now permitted by the Church, many Christians prefer burial since they would like to keep the tradition. Cremation is gradually becoming more and more popular since it is more suitable in modern life due to land scarcity and the cost of burial.

Cremated remains must be treated and respected in the same way as human remains. It is highly recommended that families should choose a suitable urn for the remains, and carry and take good care of the remains.

Islam and Judaism

Islam and Judaism are the two religions that oppose cremation. They believe that the deceased bodies should not be cremated. However, Reform Judaism Believers, who take on Judaism in a more modern view, do not subject to cremation. If a person chooses to be cremated, the remains are buried in Jewish cemeteries.

Islam and Judaism Views Towards The Practice Of Cremation

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