Cremation has become more and more popular these days due to its convenience and affordable price. When choosing cremation, many people find the process confusing. There are lots of questions raised, and one of the most frequent questions is when cremation takes place after death – or how long people have to wait between death and cremation.

How Long Is The Waiting Period Between Death And Cremation?

There is a mandatory period after the death and cremation and it varies from state to state. According to Florida law, the waiting period is at least 48 hours from the death before cremation can take place.

The purpose of the wait is to make room for the authorization and paperwork to be completed without any errors and mistakes. The time to obtain the death certificate is also added to this time period.

In addition, there were very rare situations that happened in the past where people did not actually pass away but were just in a condition that was similar to death. The waiting period is to make time for death confirmation and prevent such accidents.

What Causes Delay In Cremation?

The waiting period might be extended due to many reasons. One of the most common ones is the cause of death determination. If the next of kin or the legal representative of the deceased requests for the cause of death, or if there is any uncertainty or questions relating to the cause of death, this is a good chance to make it clear.

In case there is a need for body inspection, unlike traditional burial where the body can be recovered from the ground, once the body has been cremated, the disposition cannot be undone.

Therefore, it is reasonable to for the law to set a waiting period as it protects the deceased and their family. Moreover, it gives the family enough time to complete the necessary paperwork and documents, ensuring nothing goes wrong along the process.


What Should Families Do During The Waiting Period?

Things that should be done during the waiting period include:

  • Death Confirmation with the Medical Center or the deceased’s physicians.
  • Death certification acquisition with the help of the cremation service provider. 
  • Cremation authorization signed.
  • The body is picked up and kept safe and refrigerated. 
  • Cremation planning and preparation

The Mandatory Waiting Period And Cremation In Florida

The minimum 48-hour-after death plays an important role in the cremation and funeral arrangement. It makes sure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Florida law requires that the body must be refrigerated safely during this time. Therefore, families should make good use of this period to take serious attention to the paperwork.

To many families, the cremation process sounds intimidating and confusing. However, in most cases, the funeral director, or a good cremation service provider will assist grieving families to make the process as easy as possible.

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