How Much Does Cremation Cost in Florida?

How much does cremation cost in Florida

The average cost of cremation in Florida ranges from $700 to $3000. The cremation cost can be as low as a few hundred dollars or can reach thousands of dollars depending on the type of cremation, cremation service provider, and add-on cremation services you would like to have.

Cremations that fall below the $700 price, in general, have a lot of additional fees, so in truth, their direct cremation (the cheapest cremation) prices when everything is said and done are closer to $1200.


Cremation Cost Breakdown

Cremation Cost: The cost to have your loved one cremated, which is the biggest cost.

Transportation: The cost to have your loved one picked up and brought to the crematory.

Refrigeration: In the state of Florida, there is a mandatory 48 hour waiting period before your loved one can be cremated.


Death Certificates: set by each county in Florida

Paperwork fees

Obituary: Obituaries can be a surprisingly expensive cremation add-on, which may cost close to $1000. However, at Going Home Cremations, we include a premium obituary for free.

Urn: The price may vary and it can be very expensive.

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Here At Going Home Cremations,  We Include An Urn For FREE In The Cost Of Our Cremation.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Be Cremated?

If you want to save, direct cremation is a good option.

With direct cremation, there is no ceremony – the body is taken from where the person died, directly to the crematory, and not prepared for viewing. This can save families thousands of dollars as well as make the cremation process faster for families in case they need death certificates for estate matters.

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Cremation is becoming more and more popular compared to traditional burials.

Is it cheaper to get cremated than buried? A typical cremation costs about 25 percent of a traditional burial. This might be another reason that explains the rise in cremation’s popularity.

More Americans are choosing cremation over traditional burials. A survey was conducted by insurance firm Choice Mutual, studying 1,500 people in the U.S. on their burial preferences and practices. Results show that 44% of Americans plan on being cremated, increasing from the 1960s, while traditional burials were the second most popular choice, with 35% of Americans preferring this method.

How People Plan on Being Buried 2020 vs. 2021
Source: Choice Mutual

Since 2015, cremation has become the top choice for families when it comes to cremations vs burials. It’s predicted that within 20 years over 80% of people will choose cremation as their final wish once they pass away. In Florida, it seems like cremation is getting close to the 80% already, due to the lower costs compared to normal funerals and the ease of arranging direct cremations in Florida. Especially areas where “snow bids” tend to migrate like St. Petersburg, Tampa and Fort Meyers, Florida. One of the biggest issues for Florida families is figuring out what’s an appropriate price to pay for cremation in Florida.

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At Going Home Cremations, we offer direct cremations in St. Petersburg, Fort Meyers, Trinity, Sarasota, Bradenton, and Port Charlotte, Florida. But most importantly, we want all families searching for Florida direct cremations to understand the average cost of a cremation in Florida so they can make the best choice for their families.

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