Major Benefits Of Cremation

benefits of cremation in FLorida

Possessing certain advantages, cremation is widely chosen as the top funeral service option in modern society. Some benefits of cremation include:

  • Affordable Cost
  • A good solution to land scarcity
  • Environment Protection
  • Portability and Flexibility


Cremation costs are usually much lower compared to burial costs:

  • The cost of cremation in Florida can be as low as $800 and usually less than $2000, whereas that of a basic burial ranges from a few thousand.
  • The expense of cremating the body is much less expensive than that of building and maintaining a grave.
  • The cost of storing ashes is also much lower than the cost of buying grave land.

benefits of cremation


It Saves Land Fund

Cremation contributes to reducing the pressure on land funds for localities.

Burial occupies space and land, which is one of the main reason why space is increasingly scarce and burial service fee is more and more expensive.

In addition, it is also very convenient for families to take care of the urn when an urn only occupies a small spot in the crematorium.

choosing a cremation urn Keep In Columbarium


Environment Protection

Cremation helps to preserve environmental surroundings, protect water sources, and avoid the spread of diseases.

As the body is burned in the furnace at a high temperature. There is a lower risk of spreading infectious diseases. After cremation, the ashes are placed in urns, crockery jars, or stone jars, which are absolutely hygienic and do not pose any risk of polluting the environment.

Moreover, environmental research shows that burial practices cause underground pollution, which has bad effects on the environment and public health. Toxic gases released from the bones of the dead person spread in the air and seep into the soil over time, polluting the water source.

cremation and environment protection which one is better for the environment cremation or burial


Portablility and Flexibility

After cremation, the ashes are placed in a small urn. Whether families decide to bring home, bury or put in a columbarium, due to the small volume, the storage does not take up much space.

Another benefit is that the urn is portable, which means that families are able to carry it when they move from one place to another or from state to state.

flexibility benefits of cremation


All in all, cremation is becoming increasingly popular these days due to its affordability and convenience. If you are considering or looking for a well-known cremation service provider in Florida, please contact Going Home Cremations!

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