Religion and Cremation

In the past 50 years, cremation has increasingly become more accepted by most religions. Since the Bible does not ban nor promote cremation, most Christian denominations do not consider cremation to be wrong. However, the Catholic church has long held an opposing view, but has since changed their minds.

For much of its history, the Catholic Church has banned cremation for Catholics. They were to believe that man, created in the likeness of God, could not experience resurrection at the end of time unless their bodies were ‘intact’.

But along with other major changes within the church, cremation was approved for use in 1963. In 1997, the Catholic church then allowed for remains to be part of a funeral mass, with the remains to be treated with the same reverence as a body.

Catholic cemeteries are also allowing cremated remains to be buried the same as if it were a casketed body. They allow them either in the ground or in above ground niches. However, the Catholic church does not want ashes to be buried and scattered wherever, they want them to be buried into a cemetery of your choice. Going Home Cremations works diligently with Catholic cemeteries in the area to deliver the ashes for the family.

At this time, most Christian faiths believe that scattering ashes is perfectly fine. For this, Going Home Cremations has many types of urns and scattering options for your family. We have biodegradable urns for in-ground buries, and we have permanent urns for burial or to keep at home.