Scattering Ashes In Florida – Rules And Regulations

Scattering Ashes In Florida Rules And Regulations


With the option of cremation, many people choose to scatter the ashes afterward. The important thing is to be aware of the rules and regulations for scattering the ashes in your state. In Florida where cremation is growing in popularity and scattering ashes is widely chosen, there are some regulations issued by the state and the cities that you need to follow.


Rules and Regulations for Scattering The Ashes In Florida

There are no strict rules and regulations in the state of Florida as scattering the cremation remains poses no health risks and does not cause any infection. However, cities and counties and the authorities where you scatter the ashes may have their own rules.

Scattering Ashes In Florida Comprehensive Guidelines

Some common places for scattering ashes are the sea, ocean, public land including National Parks, scattering gardens, and federal land or private property. Our suggestion is to do a quick search and check with any local authority before scattering. In most cases, scattering on waterways is not allowed.


Scattering at Sea/Ocean

scattering ashes at sea florida

This is a popular option for scattering in Florida where there is a beautiful coastline and beaches. It is important to keep in mind that:

  • You need to notify the US EPA (The United States Environmental Protection Agency) within 30 days of scattering the ashes on their website.
  • It is required by the Federal Clean Water Act that the ashes are scattered at least 3 nautical miles from the shore.
  • Biodegradable urns should be used. Otherwise, you must keep and dispose of your urn after the ceremony.

As a result, prior preparation is needed and families should look for boat service at the port where they are going to scatter.


Scattering Ashes in Other Places Such as Federal Land, Public Land, Scattering Gardens, and Private Land

florida scattering ashes scattering gardens

For these places, our suggestion is to check with the property owner of the places you are going to scatter or with the local authorities of the city. In some public areas, scattering is not allowed and in others, it is acceptable with local permission. In the case of scattering gardens such as cemeteries and memorial gardens, information is usually available on their website.


Scattering By Air

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Scattering by air is not prohibited in Florida. Families can scatter the ash by air but keep the urn as it can hurt someone on the ground when it drops.


Scattering Urns

To make it easy for the memorial ceremony, we recommend you select biodegradable urns for scattering at sea and other urns with a top opening design for other options of scattering.

In addition, many people decide to scatter only a portion of the ashes and keep the remains at home or in a columbarium. In this case, they could purchase small-sized urns or a keepsake.

choosing a cremation urn scattering ashes

The process of cremation and scattering can be complex for most families as there are so many rules and regulations specific to each type of scattering ceremony. Here at Going Home Cremations, with over 2 decades of cremation and scattering experiences in Florida, we are confident that we can take care of your loved one from A-Z, from cremations, scattering, and any other cremation services.

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