Documents And Forms Needed For The Funeral Process In Florida

Funeral and Cremation Paperwork You Will Need

If you are either considering a funeral or choosing cremation as a body composition method for your loved one in Florida, it is important to be aware of the paperwork process according to Florida law in advance as without its completion, cremation can’t take place.

As a result, we have sorted out some basic documents so that you can know what to expect if you are having a funeral service for your loved one. First and foremost, some general information about the deceased that needs to be prepared is full name, SSN, date of birth, parents’ name and a copy of driver’s license (if applicable).

The documentation process is likely to include the followings:

  • Death Certificate
  • Vital Statistics Form
  • Cremation Authorization Form
  • Cremation Release Form

There might be more paperwork required depending on different cases and different counties in Florida.

Cremation Funeral Document 1: Death Certificate

Getting the death certificate signed by the doctor or medical examiner is the first thing to do regardless of any funeral arrangements. Whether you choose cremation or traditional burial in Florida, the death must be registered within 5 days of the death at the state or vital local office.

In most cases, the cause of death is not necessarily displayed on the death certificate unless it is for insurance or other purposes. According to Florida’s law, anyone can order a death certificate without the cause of death stated. Otherwise, it needs to be the next of kin or the legal representative to involve in the process.

Cremation Document 2: Vital Statistics Form

Vital Statistics Form provides personal information about the deceased ranging from basic personal information such as full name, date of birth, and marital status, to information relating to the death such as the date or place where the death occurs. The form helps the funeral home gather all the needed info to complete other documents in the process.


Cremation Document 3: Cremation Authorization Form

The Cremation Authorization Form is the legal consent that the family gives to their cremation service provider to perform and help to arrange cremation service for their loved one. It clearly states in the paper who is responsible for cremation performance.

Cremation Document 4: Release Form

A Release Form legally gives the funeral home permission to pick up the deceased from the Medical Examiner’s Office and transport the body to the crematory.

Cremation Documents and Forms Florida law

Overall Cremation and Funeral Paperwork Process

Many people find the paperwork process overwhelming, especially they are in their grieving time.

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Documents and Forms for Cremation in the state of Florida

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