What To Do Once You Have Picked Cremation for Your Loved One

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When your loved one passes away there are many things you need to do to deal with their death. Generally, one of the first things you need to do is decide between a funeral or cremation for them. In Florida, cremation has become the number one choice for families when their loved one has passed away in Florida.

Once you have decided to cremate your loved one in Florida, that is really just when the decision making begins. There are many things you must do once you have chosen to cremate them and below, we will walk you through some of the common next steps.

What To Do Once You Have Picked Cremation for Your Loved One

  1. Pick a cremation facility: Normally you know if you want to cremate your loved one before you even know where your loved one will have their cremation. But once you have made this decision you need to decide on what cremation facility you will use. We suggest to make sure to pick a cremation facility that has good google reviews and has a website that looks very up to date. Generally, those facilities are run better and more transparent. We also suggest you shop around if the prices start to sound too high, generally over $2000 for a cremation tends to be at the higher end of things. Finally, make sure to clarify where they do the cremation, some lower cost cremation facilities will do cremations in storage facilities.
  2. Decide what to do with the ashes: Now that your loved one has been cremated and you have the ashes, you need to figure out what to do with their ashes.
    1. Urns: Most people decided to put their loved one’s ashes in an urn or possibly multiple urns so many family members have a part of their loved one.
    2. Cremation Jewelry: You can also choose to commemorate your loved one with cremation jewelry or different types of glassworks that include your loved one’s ashes.

      What to Do with The Ashes scattering ashes cremations

    3. Spreading Ashes: You can also decide to spread your loved one’s ashes at sea or even in certain areas of Florida. Just make sure to consult with your cremation facility about local regulations around spreading ashes. At Going Home Cremation, we can even help guide you on renting your own boat to scatter ashes for your loved one if you would like.
  3. Memorialize your loved one: There are many ways families are memorializing their loved one after their cremation, including a normal type of memorial service to even a Zoom type memorial service. Most cremation facilities do not help with memorials, however most of the time you can save a lot of money arranging one yourself.
    1. Write an obituary: Writing an obituary is something family members have been doing since there were newspapers. In writing an obituary you can memorialize your family member in written word. At Going Home Cremation, we offer free premium obituaries. We also offer a custom social media post to coincide with the obituary.