Why You May NOT Want to Pre-Pay for your Cremation or Funeral


cremation budget control - affordable cremation in st petersburg florida
cremation budget control – affordable cremation in st petersburg florida

Do I Pre-Pay Cremation or Put money Aside?

Pre-Paid Cremation or Funeral? Paying ahead for your funeral or having a pre-paid Cremation may seem like a responsible and thoughtful decision, but it can actually come with a number of risks and drawbacks. For one, funeral and cremation costs can be difficult to predict, and there’s a chance that the funeral home you prepay with could go out of business before you pass away. In addition, if you move or change your mind about the arrangements you want, it may be difficult or even impossible to get your money back. Usually Merchandise is Non-Refundable, but services may be.

It’s often better to simply set aside funds for your funeral in a separate account or trust, which can be used to cover the costs when the time comes. This gives you more flexibility and control over your final arrangements, and ensures that your loved ones won’t be left with unexpected expenses or complications.

Funeral homes can go out of business or if the funeral home mismanaged your prepaid funds for whatever reason and was unable to cover agreed upon funeral expenses, you may not have an easy time recovering those funds. Florida has rules and laws governing these funds but it’s not always easy or fast to get reimbursed by the state trust fund. You will have to place a claim against the Florida Prepaid Trust fund.


In certain instances, a claim may be filed against the Preneed Funeral Contract Consumer Protection Trust Fund (“CPTF”) if the seller of a preneed contract subsequently goes out of business and/or becomes insolvent and will not or cannot perform on the preneed contract. The CPTF is a trust fund established by section 497.456, Florida Statutes.  The amount, if any, that is paid on a claim against the CPTF is controlled by section 497.456, Florida Statutes, and rule 69K-10.002, Florida Administrative Code. The amount paid on a claim is never more (and is often less) than the net amount actually paid for the preneed contract, based upon the provisions of the referenced statute and rule.

Additional information about claims that may be filed under the Preneed Funeral Contract Consumer Protection Trust Fund may be obtained by reviewing the statute and rule cited above, or by contacting the Division at 850-413-3039.

How Do I Set Aside Funds

So to make it easy, make sure you Next of Kin and Family know that you have set funds aside. Also give them the contact info to what Cremation Facility or Funeral Home you want to use. If you decide what Crematory or Funeral home you want to use, simply call them and ask them to send you business cards and forms so you can forward them to your family. Maybe make a file folder and give it to each family member you want involved.  Let them know what bank the money is in and put the person in charge as a copayer on the account Or the family member can pay-at-the-time-of-need and then get reimbursed by the estate.


At Going Home Cremation, we will help you by giving you forms to fill out ahead of time to keep and pass on to your family. We do not require Pre Payment and even if we have no pre-payment we will take your body into our care and then reach out to the family member that the hospital or hospice gives us. The most important forms are.

  1. The Vital Statistics Form is something you should have on file at ALL TIMES. This gives your family all of the information that the Cremation facility or Funeral Home will need. Be very careful where you keep this form. It has some very private information.
  2. The Cremation Authorization Form. You can fill this form out ahead of time, have it witnessed and then keep it in your file. That ensures that your family has no question as to your choice for cremation.

Just as you would with any prepaid funeral it is your responsibility to let your caregivers know what Cremation Facility you want to use, whether it is prepaid or not. They need to be able to contact someone 24/7.

Going Home Cremations will usually take you into our care within 2 hours of the hospital, nursing home or hospice call to us.  We will contact the NOK the following day.

If you have any question please feel free to reach us at 727-800-6819  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!