Cheap vs Affordable Cremation Services

There’s an old saying, ‘You get what you pay for!’ Well, that’s true in all aspects of life. There are cremation service companies in the United States that advertise cheap cremation: $695 complete! If you really investigate, there are companies that are cremating your loved ones in storage facilities or storage units. They refrigerate your loved on and keep the bodies in a 12×14″ storage unit with a refrigeration box.

Is that really where you want your loved one to be while they await their final send off?

Conversely, some cremations are done at local funeral homes. These cremations usually run anywhere from $3000 to $4000. These tend to be higher price because of everything that comes with, even if you or your loved ones don’t need everything.

There are more conservative cremation services that will do an honorable cremation anywhere between $1000-$2000. This is the spot you want to be in, and the companies you want to seek out. They usually work out of nicer facilities, have numerous staff members, and do an honorable and dignified cremation for your family.

The Immediate Cremation Service can be arranged as an immediate disposition of the body, but is most times followed by a memorial service at the church, funeral home, or other location. A Memorial Service is one where there is no present body. Have either of these types of service or ceremony is a key ingredient to a healthy recovery after loss due to death. A Direct Cremation refers to a cremation being provided, while limiting funeral services to the removal and transportation of the deceased to our care.

Cremation allows families many choices for how they can memorialize a loved one. Some families choose to keep the cremated remains with them at home, or to scatter the remains over land or water. Going Home Cremations has many urns and keepsakes for you to choose from for cremated remains.

At Going Home Cremations, we are lower cost than about 80% of the funeral home cremation providers out there. We have all five star reviews and a very good reputation. We go above and beyond to help your family through this very difficult time. We are not just an alternative to high-priced cremations that funeral homes provide, but we’re an alternative to the very cheap ‘storage unit’ crematories. Feel free to call Going Home Cremations so we can answer any questions you may have, and help you for whatever comes next.