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Affordable Cremation is the most popular funeral option in Sarasota, St.Petersburg, Port Charlotte, and other counties in the state of Florida. According to a report by The National Funeral Directors Association, nearly 60% of U.S. families chose cremation for their loved ones in 2021, and the number is projected to reach 80% by 2035.

Source: National Funeral Directors Association

One of the reasons why cremation is becoming more popular is its affordability. Traditional burial can cost a few ten thousand or more itself, excluding the expenses covering other associated funeral services, or any other miscellaneous expenses. Unless the families already save up for this event, a funeral can place a financial burden on the family members, especially at a short notice.

On the other hand, cremation can reduce the cost by up to 70% depending on the type of cremation chosen. It also comes with other benefits such as environmental protection, flexibility, and adaptability to different situations, and those explain why cremation is increasingly popular these days.

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Cremation is a good option for budget control but still gives the deceased the utmost care as it does not require the following expenses:

  • Holding a Memorial Ceremony
  • Embalming Cost
  • Casket Purchase
  • Building and Maintaining Gravesite and Burial Plot

Funeral Ceremony Cost Reduction

Direct cremation, or cremation without ceremony, is the preferred option for families with budget constraints. After the deceased passes away, the body is picked up and transported directly to the crematorium. When the cremation process is done, the urn is sent back to the families.

The total cost of a direct cremation in full service runs around $1500 to $2000. Holding a funeral ceremony is likely to be an extra of roughly $5000.

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A typical memorial ceremony includes $350 for 2 way body transportation from the funeral home and back, $1000 in total for the deceased to be embalmed, dressed, and groomed, another thousand for the ceremony service fee, and the list goes on with the miscellaneous cost of more than $2000.

Optional Casket Purchase

A casket is not required unless there is a viewing ceremony. For direct cremation, the body only needs to be placed in a simple container, which will be instructed by the facility staff.

Cremation in sarasota florida

Gravesite and Burial Plot Purchase Reduction

This makes cremation significantly cost-effective in the context of land scarcity in Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and all over Florida. the cost of a plot itself is a few thousand, followed by the addition of headstone and casket purchases, cemetery service fees, maintenance, and annual visitation.

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Direct Cremation Service Industry in Florida

According to National Funeral Directors Association, Florida is one of the states leading the nation with more than 70% of people choosing cremation. On top of that, as offering various benefits, direct cremation has been taking over in most recent years.


2022_Cremation-and-Burial-Report- Direct Cremation

Source: National Funeral Directors Association

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