Cremation Cost Without Services in Florida

Losing a loved one can be one of the most challenging situations of your life. However, you must strive forward and give them the final goodbye they deserve. The first step to giving them a beautiful goodbye is to hire cremation services in Florida. The cremation cost without services can largely depend on your location, cremation service provider, and the type of cremation you opted for. 

A standard cremation cost can be as low as a few hundred dollars or as high as tens of thousands of dollars too. 

Cremation Cost Without Services

The average direct cremation cost in the United States of America is about $1,100. However, the addition of other services and products can increase the total cost of a cremation. Here are the most common costs associated with cremation.

  • Funeral home services – $1,700 – $5,000
  • Embalming and body prep – $150 – $1,000
  • Biodegradable cremation casket – $700 – $1,500
  • Casket rental for viewing purposes – $500 – $1,500
  • Floral arrangements – $70 – $350
  • Urn – $50 – $2,000

Different types of cremation services in Florida

In the sunshine state of Florida, four types of cremation services are prevalent. The cost of each kind of cremation goes up with extra services, making a cremation with traditional funeral services one of the most expensive cremation packages.

Here are the four most prevalent types of cremation services.

1. Cremation services with a traditional funeral service

This is the costliest type of cremation, and it comes with a conventional funeral. The funeral includes a viewing of the body. Instead of a burial, the body of your loved one is cremated after the funeral. The ashes or remains of your loved one are stored in an urn that is handed over to you. You can pick and choose an urn of your liking.

The average cost of a cremation with a traditional funeral service is about $5,000. This cost is split into different segments like cremation fees, which cost an average of $350. Other expenses include the fee for basic service, which costs about $2,100. Transportation and transferring the body to a funeral home costs about $350. The funeral home then embalms the body and prepares it for viewing by dressing and grooming the body. These cost $750 and $250 respectively. Using the viewing facility costs $425, and a funeral service fee of about $500 is levied. Additionally, a service car fee of $150 is charged on top of the basic memorial package fee of $175. The choice is yours when it comes to a cremation casket, rental casket, a cremation container, or an urn with different charges.

2. Cremation service with a memorial service

A cremation with a memorial service includes holding a service at the funeral home. However, the remains of the deceased are not present at the funeral home during the service. This can dramatically lower the cost as the body does not require any embalming or grooming services. This type of cremation service also allows quicker cremation and is a great choice for those who want to hold a formal gathering for a final goodbye to their loved ones while sticking to a budget. This gives the deceased’s family and friends a time and place to grieve and allows them to be honored after they’re passing away.

This type of cremation service costs about $1,200, which includes the cremation fee of $350, service fee for using the facilities of $500, $150 for a service car, and a basic memorial package of about $175. 

3. Cremation cost without services

Also known as direct cremation, this is an ideal choice for people with smaller budgets. Cremation without services is for people who prefer to hold traditional services at home, or if the remains of the deceased are going to be scattered in some place they held dear. It is one of the simplest forms of cremation and also one of the most cost-effective ones. The prices for cremation without services can cost between $700 and $900. If the family decides to scatter the ashes at a location or on a body of water, this is the ideal choice for them. 

However, this requires getting an urn if the family does not have one already. A cremation service can also provide urns with different designs and patterns to add a personalized look for your loved ones. Some families prefer this route as it bypasses the typical hassles of a traditional funeral and allows them to grieve in private.

4. No–Cost Cremation

This is an option for families that want to donate the body of their loved ones for scientific research and study. The family can then receive the cremated remains of their loved ones free of cost. However, the process can take anywhere between three to twelve weeks. 

Opting to donate your loved one’s body to science is a highly personal choice. It allows your deceased to leave a legacy by helping scientists, doctors, and medical students gain a better understanding of the human body. Some individuals choose to donate their bodies to science well before they pass away. 

Most Families Choose Cremation Over Burial

In recent years, the percentage of families choosing cremation over burial in the United States has seen a constant rise. This is primarily due to four factors:

  1. Cremation cost without service is much lower.
  2. Most families have adopted a modern outlook and follow fewer traditions.
  3. Cremation is often considered to be an eco-friendlier solution compared to burials.
  4. Options for a memorial are endless.

Final Words

The loss of a loved one can take a heavy toll on you. Every cremation option is the right one, as cremating is about giving a proper goodbye to your loved one. However, hiring professional cremation services in Florida can help you grieve while they handle all your funeral, cremation, and service needs. The cremation cost without services is relatively low and offers a delicate balance between cost and cremation services.