What Are The Different Types Of Cremation?

how many types of cremation

Whether you have decided to have your loved one cremated or you still have not made up your mind, knowing different types of cremation makes it easier for you to make the best funeral plan for your loved one. There are three types of cremation:

    • Direct Cremation
    • Traditional Cremation
    • Memorial Cremation

Among all, the cremation process is the same. The major differences are in price and the option of funeral services.

types of cremation

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is the top popular option as it is the cheapest way to be cremated.

Direct cremation is also called simple cremation, or cremation without a service – the body is cremated after death and no funeral or memorial ceremonies are held. Hence, there is no visitation, which helps to reduce the costs of embalming, an expensive casket, funeral planning, and hosting services.

Families only pay for transportation picking up the deceased from their home to the cremation venue and the fees for the cremation itself.

Families in Florida generally pay about $1500 for direct cremation on average, and as low as $795 (nearly 50% less) at Going Home Cremations.

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types of cremation direct cremation in florida

Traditional Cremation

While direct cremation is preferred by families, traditional cremation is the most widely known. It is how people usually think of a typical cremation. Traditional cremation is a funeral service followed by cremation.

After the death takes place, the body is transported from where it is to the hospital, then to the funeral home where they perform the services of embalming, dressing, and preparing the body for viewing. After the visitation, the body is taken to the crematorium and cremated.

The cost of traditional cremation is relatively high due to the purchase of a casket, embalming, dressing, venue rental, and other additional funeral home service charges.

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types of cremation traditional cremation in florida


Memorial Cremation

Last but not least, memorial cremation is similar to traditional cremation – they are both cremations with service. In traditional cremation, the funeral service is performed before cremation, whereas in the other, a memorial ceremony is held at a later date or weeks after cremation. Families are likely to receive the remains in an urn before the ceremony so that they can be displayed at the event.

Usually, memorial cremation is less expensive than traditional cremation as it helps to reduce the costs of embalming and dressing for visitation. However, families still bare the charges for their memorial service providers.

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Going Home Cremations – Affordable & Dignified Cremation Services In Florida

If you are looking for a trusted service provider for direct cremation and scattering ashes at sea in Florida, please contact Going Home Cremations. On average, people generally pay $1,500 for Florida’s direct cremation. However, at Going Home Cremations, we could offer a reasonable price of about $795 for 5-star customer care. A premium online obituary and a well-designed urn are included.

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Going Home Cremations is a well-known service provider in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers & SW Florida. We have been doing simple cremation for over 20 years in the state of Florida.

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