There has been a shift in funeral arrangement decisions in recent decades where cremation has been favored over traditional burial in Florida, the United States, and all over the world.

Cremation offers several great benefits, which makes it become a more suitable funeral alternative in the fast-paced modern world.

In this post, we are bringing to the table some of the great advantages of cremation, explaining why cremation is preferred in modern society, then, discussing some of its limitations so that families can take them into consideration.

Major Benefits Of Cremation


Cremation is perceived to be an affordable body disposition method these days compared to traditional burial. There are two types of cremation: traditional cremation and direct cremation. In a traditional cremation funeral, there is a ceremony prior to or after the cremation process, while the opposite is true with direct cremation. No ceremony is held – the body is picked up after the death, and transported to a crematorium for cremation. As the process is simple and straightforward, direct cremation helps to cut down many costs including:

  • Embalming and Body Preparation
  • Casket
  • Funeral Arrangement Costs Including Service Fees, Transportation, Location Rental, Hearse, etc
  • Burial and Grave Plot

And the list goes on.

In general, people in Florida have to pay upward of $10,000 for traditional burial, and they need about $2000- $3000 to afford a traditional cremation while with direct cremation, the price could go as low as less than $1000 for a professional and dignified full-service direct cremation.

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With cremation, families have the freedom to create their own plans on how to honor their loved ones. Families can make decisions on whether to hold any celebration of life, what to do with the ashes afterward or just keeping it simple based on individual preferences and the deceased’s will.

Moreover, cremation ashes and urns are portable and families can carry their loved one’s cremains whether they move. On the contrary, it is not easy to re-accommodate the casket once it has been buried underground.


As cremation is becoming more and more popular, families have more service options to choose, as well as, the information is so available online these days so they can research and make the best decision for their loved one.

how environmental friendly can cremation be

Environment Protection

The body decomposition process releases harmful chemicals, which later seep into the ground and the waterway, causing pollution. On the other hand, the cremation process leaves ashes only.

Some people claim that cremation causes air pollution. However, modern crematoriums are now equipped with advanced technology systems and there are also strict rules that help to solve this problem.

Things to Consider When Choosing Cremation

The cremation process can’t be undone

Unlike burial where the body can be exhumed from the ground, the cremation process cannot be reversed. Therefore, body preparation plays a vital role in cremation. Gold, expensive jewelry, or any memorial items should be taken out. Also, if there is a need for body inspection, it should be done prior to cremation.

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Religious Matters

There are different views towards cremation, therefore, some believers still have insecurity on this matter. Cremation is accepted in Buddhism.

In the past, Christians, Islam, and Judaism beliefs used to oppose cremation. However, in the modern world, cremation is widely accepted and becomes very popular.

Professional and Affordable Direct Cremation Services In Florida

Whether to choose cremation, burial or any other funeral arranging method depends on the family’s financial status, the deceased’s will, and sometimes, religions and beliefs. The decision is on a case-by-case basis. If you and your family are in the decision-making process and need consultation, Going Home Cremations is willing to help. We work and give you advice in your best interest.

With 20 years of experience, Going Home Cremations knows what is the best practice by case. We are able to clear out all misunderstandings about cremation and any confusion you may have and provide the utmost care for your loved one.


Our price starts at $795 for direct cremation, with a FREE urn and premium online obituary included. For further information, please visit Our Affordable Cremation Page, Cremation & Scattering Ashes or Call Us For All Other Requests.


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