How Much Does a Cremation Cost?

Cremation costThe number of cremation and burial were almost the same as about seven years ago. However, now the two vary broadly, as cremations have taken the upper hand and are more popular. If you are wondering, “how much does cremation cost?” You may be surprised to know that cremating your dearly departed can be more cost-effective than burying them. 

Although the choice between cremation and burying is personal, here is why cremation has seen a steady upward trend.

Benefits of Cremation Services

The most essential benefit of cremating instead of burying is its cost-effectiveness. Since cremating does not require any gravesite or cemetery fees or caskets or headstones, the cost gap is pretty noteworthy. It is also the more environment-friendly option of the two, as there are no land or space requirements. 

Although, some people are of the opinion that cremating a dearly departed is equivalent to not honoring them, even in death. However, this is a general misconception, as people often associate traditional methods with giving respect.

Cremation offers a wide variety of choices; you can have the post-cremation remains sealed in an urn and bury the urn instead of using a casket. Doing so requires a small space, which is better for the environment too. Furthermore, it is a highly versatile option as you can cremate your departed loved ones even if you decide to have an open-casket viewing after a few days.

How Much Does Cremation Cost?

The cost difference between a cremation and a traditional funeral can be substantial. A typical cremation costs as low as just 1/3 of the price of a burial with a funeral. This stark difference in the cost is the primary reason why most American families now opt for cremations over traditional burial funerals.

Typically, a funeral home will charge anywhere between $2,000 to $3,000 for cremation. However, if you choose to skip the funeral home and deal with the crematory directly, you can drop your cremation costs to anywhere between $1,500 and $3,000.

These prices can vary depending on your location, not least the state you belong to. These costs can determine whether you decide to go with a burial funeral or a cremation. The price of cremation can go up when you pick an urn. Although the cheaper urns can cost as little as $10, the expensive ones can be as expensive as a few thousand dollars.

  • No Cost Cremation

You can have the body of your dearly departed cremated at no cost. This can happen if you wish to donate their body to science by allowing researchers and medical professionals to study it. In return for this boost to the study of human anatomy, your loved one’s body will be cremated and returned to the family once they have completed their investigation. Donating the organs of your beloved loved ones also results in a free cremation. Once the organs are donated, the body is cremated for free, and the remains returned to the next of kin.

However, this option is not available to everyone. If the deceased has a communicable disease or the body has been disfigured or partially decomposed, researchers and medical professionals will not accept it as it can serve very little purpose in advancing science.

  • Cremation Cost Without Services

Direct cremation or cremation without service is the preferred path for people who are under strict budget constraints. This can also be the preferred choice for families that wish to hold traditional funeral services at home or if you wish to spread the remains of the deceased in a place that has some meaning. The cost of a cremation without service can be anywhere between $700 and $900. 

The families can pick an urn from the variety of urns provided at a cremation service. This allows families to grieve appropriately without dealing with the hassle of a full-blown burial funeral.

  • Cremation Cost with Memorial Service

For a cremation with a memorial service, it means the service is held at a funeral home. But this is significantly different from a standard service as the remains of the dearly departed are not present in the funeral home during the service. Instead, they are cremated in a cremation service. A typical cremation with a memorial service can cost about $1,200, which is an inclusion of the cremation fee of about $350, the price for services and the car amounting to about $650, and the memorial package, which costs an average of $175.

A cremation with a memorial service allows families to hold a formal gathering and pay their respects to the deceased while also allowing them to grieve. Furthermore, it is also a cheaper option compared to a full-blown funeral and can be done quickly.

  • Cremation Cost with a Traditional Funeral Service

Cremating your dearly departed with a traditional funeral service is one of the costliest services. This service includes an open casket. The body of the deceased is transported to a cremation service after the funeral and then cremated. The cremated remains are then handed over to the family in an urn of their choosing.

While a typical cremation with a traditional funeral service costs about $5,000, the total cost is split into several fees, like a cremation cost of $350 and miscellaneous costs of about $2,100. Transporting the body to the funeral home and back can cost an additional $350. Since it is an open-casket funeral, the body will be embalmed, dressed, and groomed, which can cost $750 and $250, respectively. Renting the viewing facility costs an additional $425 on top of the funeral service fee of about $500. Basic memorial fees and car fees are then added to the final cost. 

Why Most Families Choose to Cremate

The increased popularity of cremations over traditional burials is due to these four major factors.

  1. Cremation services cost a lot lower than burials.
  2. An increasing number of families have ditched unnecessary traditions and adopted modern ones.
  3. Cremation is an environment-friendly option.
  4. The wide range of memorial options provides flexibility.

The Bottom Line

Losing a loved one can be a painful experience. However, you can give them the final goodbye they deserve with a quality cremation service. We hope your questions about how much cremation costs have been answered, and you can help someone make an informed decision or apply it to your own life when the time comes. Professionals can help ease your pain by handling all your funeral and cremation needs while you process the grief on your own terms.