How To Reduce The Cost Of Cremation

reduce cost of cremation

The death of someone close to us is probably the most shocking and devastating experience. Many people find it overwhelming as they have to cope with the feeling of grief and loss, on one side. On the other side, there are other considerations relating to the funeral, memorial services, and tons of paperwork and associated charges which are usually a few thousands of dollars in total on average.

For families who are on a budget, the recommendation is to choose cremation instead of traditional burial. With the option of cremation, there are more tips that can be applied to further reduce the cost of cremation:

    • No Embalming
    • Consider Casket Purchase
    • Find An Affordable Urn Seller
    • Choose A Cremation Package

The combination of the list of suggestions above results in direct cremation, or cremation without service. This type of cremation saves the most money and it does not take much time to plan and process. After death, the body is taken directly to a crematory for cremation and there is no ceremony beforehand.

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Embalming is for the purpose of body preservation for a period of time. It is not only expensive but also damaging to the environment as the process releases toxic chemicals.

Unless families plan to have public visitation or transport the body by plane or by rail, embalming is not required and it is not necessary for the direct cremation process.

no embalming how to lower the cost of cremation



A casket is required when there is a public viewing ceremony. Otherwise, families are only requested to prepare a rigid container to place the body before it is cremated.

For people who prefer to have a casket but still want to save costs, an alternative is to rent from a funeral home, then move the body to another container for the purpose of cremation.

types of cremation traditional cremation in florida



Urns are sold at different price ranges depending on materials and design sophistication. It is highly recommended that families should shop around and compare the prices among sellers.

Also, it is important to preplan what to do with the cremation ashes afterward so that families do not overpay for urns. For example, with a small amount of cremation ashes, getting a full-size urn might be a waste of money – a keepsake or a medium-sized urn should be a suitable option.

For those who are planning on a really tight budget, scattering ashes is a good option in which an urn is not necessary and families can simply use the container for ashes that is already provided.

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types of cremation direct cremation in florida


Cremation Packages

Packages usually come at a lower price and/or with promotions compared to each service being sold individually. The same is true with Florida cremation services. A huge plus is, that if people hire a trusted cremation service provider, this is a worry-free and convenient option since everything is professionally taken care of.

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How To Save Cost Of Cremation In Florida

As we stated above, the method that saves you the most is direct cremation. In Florida, families generally pay $1,500 for direct cremation. However, at Going Home Cremations, we could offer a price as low as starting at $795 for high-quality services. Our direct cremation package is not only good in price but also includes a free urn and a free online obituary, which saves our clients a few hundred.

The reason why our price is competitive is that we have been in business for more than 20 years and we know what we are doing, how we could do best and save the most money for our clients. We are confident in our service quality as we have received lots of 5-star reviews from families in Florida.

Going Home Cremations is a well-known service provider in St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers & SW Florida.

For further information, please visit Our Affordable Cremation Page or Call Us For All Other Requests.