Cost of Cremation in Tampa, Florida: What You Need To Know

cost of cremation in tampa

Nowadays, most Americans and Floridians choose cremation as a funeral alternative. According to National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA), cremation has been the most popular option over traditional burial and other forms of funeral for almost 2 decades since 2015. Explaining this, people believe that cost is the driving factor. In addition, cremation works better in this modern and mobile world. It is easy to carry, faster, and does not require much time to take care of in the long term – but still respectful.

The same is true in Tampa, Florida. Cremation has become the top option mostly due to its cost.

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What Is The Cremation Cost in Tampa, Florida?

Cremation cost in Tampa usually runs from $1500 to $2500. Depending on the services chosen, the price can either go as low as less than $1000 for direct cremation or reach more than $4000.

To be more specific, a basic traditional cremation package ($1500 – $2500) includes:

  • Cremation Cost: The cost to have your loved one cremated
  • Transportation: The cost to have your loved one picked up and brought to the crematory.
  • Refrigeration: In the state of Florida, there is a mandatory 48-hour waiting period before your loved one can be cremated.
  • Casket
  • Death Certificates: set by each county in Florida
  • Paperwork fees
  • Obituary: Obituaries can be a surprisingly expensive cremation add-on, which may cost close to $1000. However, at Going Home Cremations, we include a premium obituary for free.
  • Urn: The price may vary and it can be very expensive.

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How is the Cremation process in florida

In addition, people may request additional services such as a celebration of life ceremonies before or after the cremation, which increases the price significantly to thousands of dollars.

On the other hand, the amount paid could be significantly less with the option of direct cremation.

Direct Cremation – The Most Popular Form of Cremation in Tampa, Florida

Direct cremation, as known as simple cremation, is cremation without service. This option allows families to cut down all the costs of unnecessary service performance of the process. After passing away, the body is picked up and transported to the crematorium for cremation. There’s no viewing, no ceremony, or memorial that comes before or afterward.

The cost for direct cremation in Tampa is generally $1000-$1500 and it can go as low as $800.

cremation in tampa florida

A common reason why it’s the most chosen in Tampa is that a few thousand paid for a funeral ceremony only can be quite a challenge at short notice since the death is unexpected and the care after death needs to take place as soon as possible. Furthermore, the price does not include cemetery fees, a grave liner, and a plot at the cemetery, which can be another few thousand. On top of that, direct cremation also saves time and it gives people freedom on what to do with the ashes afterward.

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Affordable Direct Cremation Service In Tampa, Florida, by Going Home Cremations

In comparison with burial and traditional cremation, direct cremation seems to be the most suitable option for many families in Tampa, Florida. If you are considering or looking for a good cremation service for your loved one in Tampa, Florida, please contact Going Home Cremations. We are willing to answer all of your questions 24/7.

going home cremations direct cremation in tampa florida

As a professional cremation service provider in Tampa, we deliver the best service for the deceased. We will pick up your loved one and transport them into our care. We also help you and your family with the documents needed.

Going Home Cremations are a trusted affordable service provider that offers a price of dignified and high-quality cremation for as low as starting at $795 in Tampa, Florida. Our price is so competitive that we have been in business for more than 20 years and we know what we are doing, and how we could do best and save the most money for our clients. We are confident in our professionalism as we have received lots of 5-star reviews from families in Tampa, Florida.

We also serve St. Petersburg, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers & SW Florida. For further information, please visit Our Affordable Cremation Page, Cremation & Scattering Ashes  or Call Us For All Other Requests.