Cremation Process: How Does Cremation Take Place?

Cremation process how does cremation take place in florida

Cremation is the process that uses intense heat to turn a dead body into ashes. The process takes place in a chamber at the crematorium. It results in cremation remains, which look like light or dark grey coarse sand.

Before The Process: Preparation For Cremation

The body of the deceased is placed in a casket or a designated container for cremation. The container should be made from flammable, combustible materials and should not contain any metal objects, which facilitates the burning process. The casket also prevents liquid from the dead body from leaking out, ensuring hygiene. In addition, it helps to identify the body after burning.

A specialized container or a casket is the only requirement for cremation. Embalming is not necessary unless the family holds a visitation before cremation. Cutting down embalming also reduces the cost of cremation. Although most people prepare an urn for their loved ones, urns are also optional as families may use the container for ashes, which is provided when the ashes are handed over.

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Moreover, it is required that all the devices attached to the body, such as any type of metal implanted in the body, pacemakers, spinal cord stimulators, or any medical equipment, or jewelry, are removed. Otherwise, the chamber could explode, damaging the crematorium and endangering the staff.

Incineration – The Main Part Of The Cremation Process

At the beginning of the process, the body is pushed into the combustion chamber and then ignited with natural gas, oil, or propane. The temperature is raised to 1200 – 1400 Degrees Celsius.

Incineration The Main Part Of The Cremation Process

The heat will dry out the body and then the body starts to burn. Usually, the ashes make up about 3.5% of the original body weight. After cremation, the ashes contain phosphates, dry calcium, and a few minerals such as sodium and potassium salts.

Moreover, cremation facilities are well-equipped with a special exhaust system that handles the odor.

cremation facilities cremation process crematoriums

When the incineration is over, the process leaves a mixture of bone fragments, which are also called cremated remnants, and other excesses such as burned wood chips, screws, and hinges from the casket, dental implants, or the denture of the deceased. To remove all the metal leftover, they use a powerful magnet device to suck them out.

After the impurities are removed, the remnants are collected and moved to an auxiliary incinerator, continuing to be burned until they are completely disintegrated. If there is no auxiliary incinerator, the cremated remains are placed in a cremulator, which crushes any secondary dry bones, turning them into fine grains of sand.

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After The Process Of Cremation

The ashes are collected and stored in a small jar or urn and handed over to family members.

At this point, families make different decisions on what to do with the ashes. Some families decide to keep the ashes in a columbarium. Some choose to spread the ashes in rivers or lakes. Others may go with more creative options. The way to do it depends on the decision of the family and the will of the deceased or the traditions of each region.

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Cremation ash scattering what to do with cremation ashes

How Long Does Cremation Process Take?

The complete cremation process takes 1 to 4 hours. Incineration usually lasts from 90 minutes to 2 hours, followed by a sifting process in order to generate ashes. The final ash collected is off-white or dark gray.

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