Scattering Ashes Ceremony Ideas: Add Something Special To Scattering Ashes Ceremony

Add Something Special To Scattering Ashes Ceremony

While many families prefer a simple scattering ashes ceremony, others may request a more unique event with add-on memorial activities. If you belong to the latter group and are looking for new ideas to hold a memorial ceremony that is best fit for your loved one, below are a few suggestions.

Whatever you decide, it is important to keep in mind:

  • The main purpose of the ceremony is to say goodbye to the deceased, letting them rest in peace, rather than hold them back.
  • Families should only toss compostable materials into nature.
  • Weather, local rules and regulations are significant factors.

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Using Poems & Quotes

poem and quotes scattering ashes ceremony ideas

Poems and quotes are helpful to the speech whether you are not sure what to say or you would like to make the speech more absorbing and engaging.

Our suggestion is to use your loved one’s favorite quotes or any good poem that describes their personalities.

Collect Goodbye Notes or Make A Memory Box

Another option is to have family members and friends express their feeling and love for the deceased on a small note. At the ceremony, the notes are collected, buried, or floated with the ashes.

One thing to keep in mind is to make sure the paper or the box is decomposable so you are not trashing.

make a memory box scattering ashes ceremony ideas

Playing Music and Videos

Families can arrange some background music during the ceremony. The playlist may include the deceased’s favorite songs. Otherwise, popular funeral songs can be easily found online. Some rich people pay to have live music there.

Showing video is also a good idea to celebrate one’s life where the guests have the chance to watch their past life and memory. Additionally, families can keep the video for memory afterward.

play music at scattering ashes ceremony

Releasing Butterflies or Doves

The implication of releasing butterflies and doves is setting someone free, and letting them go. Butterflies are usually a preferable option as doves are unable to survive in the wild.

scattering ashes ceremony releasing butterfiles

Floating Petals and Candles at Ocean /River or Sea

With the option of scattering ashes in water areas, many people decide to add a candle floating activity.

This contains lots of meanings. In some religions, light can be translated into wisdom. Many people also believe that lighting candles means you are sending light to your loved one. Following that light, the deceased is led to a better next life.

At the end of the event, relatives and guests may throw flowers, petals, or wreaths into the water to tribute to the deceased.

However, it is important to ensure to only toss decomposable materials, preventing trashing and polluting the water.

floating candles petals scattering ashes ceremony ideas

All in all, whether families hold traditional casting ceremonies or more unique methods of scattering ashes such as trenching, raking, or air scattering, there are endless creative possibilities to hold a memorial ceremony for their loved one and make it more personalized.

Although we do not directly hold a scattering ashes ceremony, with 20 years of experience, Going Home Cremations is confident that we are able to give you and your family several options and recommendations on how to do one.

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