Scattering Ashes: Scattering Ashes Ceremony Methods


When it comes to scattering ashes, people usually think of a ceremony where the ashes are spread into the air, or dispersing them on the surface of a lake, a river, ocean, or sea.

However, there are no must follow rules on this type of memorial event. People can have the scattering ashes ceremony customized for their loved one.

Below are some suggestions for families to plan a more creative rather than traditional scattering ashes ceremony.

Casting Ceremony

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The event where family members toss ashes into nature (air, wind, land, garden) or sprinkle them on the water surface is called casting ceremony, which is the most commonly chosen.

It is believed that the act of spreading ashes means letting someone go and achieving freedom in the soul.

On planning a casting ceremony, families should check the weather and be well-informed of the local scattering rules and regulations.

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Trenching / Ringing Ceremony

The second common option is trenching ceremony in which people dig a shallow hole/trench into the ground and scatter the ashes into that trench. At the end of the ceremony, they cover the ashes by raking over the trench.

Ringing ceremony is similar to trenching. Instead of making a trench, they dig a circle around a tree or a bush.

trenching ringing ceremony cremation scattering ashes

Raking Ceremony

In a typical raking ceremony, people pour the remains over the soil, then rake to incorporate them into the soil. It is recommended to keep the urn close to the ground, avoiding the cremains being blown out in all directions.

raking ceremony scattering ashes cremation services

Air Scattering / Aerial Ceremony

As it sounds, the cremains is scattered from the sky. To be more specific, the service provider flies their loved one ashes and releases them from an airplane, a helicopter, or a hot air balloon.

It is notable that relatives are not allowed to scatter. However, depending on the service and the price, some family members might be able to fly with the cremains due to limited space on the airplane. Otherwise, in most cases, people watch the ceremony from the ground.

Air Scattering Ceremony Scattering Ashes Ideas

Floating Ceremony / Water Ceremony

Another idea is to put the ashes into a water-soluble urn, then float the urn in the water (lake, river, ocean, or sea). The urn floats for a couple of minutes before sinking and then dissolve itself. This is how the floating ceremony, which is also called the water ceremony, happens.

At the end of the event, relatives and guests will throw flowers, petals, or wreaths into the water to tribute to the deceased.

However, it is important to ensure to only toss decomposable materials, preventing trashing and polluting the water.

scattering ashes ideas watering ceremony

One of the reasons why scattering ashes has grown in popularity is the ability of families to personalize the memorial ceremony after cremation. Once you have decided to spread the ashes of your loved one, the priority is to check the local rules and regulations, making sure that you are legally allowed. As long as it is legal, you have the full ability to create a scattering ceremony customized for your loved one.

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