Important Questions to Ask Hospice Facilities in Florida

Hospice Florida

At Going Home Cremation, we work directly with hospice care centers. If you call us, we can let you know which care centers are in your vicinity. They are a wonderful organization and will help you during this time of need. If your love one is ready for hospice here are a few questions you will want to ask hospice providers:

Are staff nurses and doctors available 24 hours a day?

  • You will need that emergency staffing, especially as your loved one enters the final days of life.

Is your medical director board certified?

  • This is not a requirement, but the extra step of certification is another assurance of their training.

How many years has the organization been in operation?

  • Many of US hospice programs trace their beginnings to the 1980’s.

How many patients does the hospice Care Center have?

  • Smaller hospices may provide more personalized care, but those serving at least 65-100 patients have many more resources. Sometimes it is better to utilize one of the smaller care centers. It may be a little more intimate care and services

What is the caseload for your hospice Doctors or nurses?

  • Ideally, nurses should manage no more than 10-12 patients at a time, since They do not see all patients daily. The nurses will also rotate and you may see different nurses weekly.

Can they meet your needs for a good care plan?

  • Have an idea of what you and your loved one want and if that is within the scope of the hospice’s care, they will be able to help you.

What is expected in terms of help from the family?

  • This is especially important if much of the previous caregiving has been with other family members and or long distance.

What are the options for inpatient care?

  • Sometimes staying in a hospice facility is temporary and can be used to stabilize Seriously ill patients until they can return home.

Inquire as to what you can expect in the last few days.

  • Often this is a very trying time for families and it is best if you get an idea of what you are in for So you can be prepared.

What are the protocols around COVID

  • During Covid times you want to make sure if you’re hospice care center will take your love one in if they have Covid. If your care center will except a Covid patient then you will need to find out what the requirements are to visit. Many hospices do not take Covid patients.

Hospice Cremation Florida

Feel free to call and visit your hospice care center near you. Ask as many questions as you need. They are usually very wonderful and helpful to families. Call us at Going Home Cremation Services in Tierre Verde Florida to give you the phone numbers for hospices is near you.

Step by Step Guide to A Basic Cremation in Florida


If your family has recently passed away or is close to passing away, you might start looking into cremation arrangements for them. You will quickly see there are many options to choose from but the lowest cost and most environmentally friendly option for cremation is a basic cremation.

What is a basic cremation?

A basic cremation is a simple cremation where there is no viewing of the body. When you look into cremations in Florida, there are two cremation options: cremation with a viewing and cremation with no viewing. If you choose to not have a viewing you can save thousands of dollars on the costs and the whole cremation process with also occur much faster.

Basic Cremation

What are the costs of a basic cremation?

A basic cremation cost can vary in Florida, however most around between $700-$2000. Some of variables to this cost is where the cremation will take place, and the additional fees that can be added onto the cremation like the Medical Examiner fees, death certificates and paperwork fees.

basic cremation guide

How do I find a basic cremation facility near me?

The best way to find a basic cremation facility near you is by googling basic cremation near me. This will show you the basic cremation facilities near you and if you start looking a little deeper, you will also be able to see the prices of the cremation and the reviews of the cremation facilities.

Make sure to do your due diligence when it comes to looking at reviews for the basic cremation. Try and pick a facility with 5-star reviews that has been in business for a long time. If you loved one is in a Hospice or Hospital, the facility should not recommend a basic cremation facility. Instead, if you ask, they will provide a list of local cremation facilities for you to look into.

A huge red flag is if the hospice, nursing home or hospital recommended one facility in particular. An even larger red flag is if the facility tries to get their chose of cremation facility to pick up your loved one.  We recently have been hearing issues of nursing homes trying to force families to use the cremation facility they picked. Please understand, you have every right to choose the facility you want and no one should pressure you at all to pick a facility. Even if your loved one dies at home and is picked up by a local funeral home that works with the police, you do not have to go with that funeral home or cremation facility. In general, these facilities are more expensive than the norm and you should shop around.

What are the steps in a basic cremation
What are the steps in a basic cremation

What are the steps in a basic cremation?

When you decide on a basic cremation facility, you will give the facility where your loved one passed away or is close to passing the information of the basic cremation facility. When they do pass, the facility your loved one is at will call the cremation provider. The cremation facility will they go to pick up your loved one to be brought to the crematory. You will then be sent many forms including a cremation authorization form. This form must be filled out before the cremation can occur. In general, it can take 10 to 14 business day for a cremation to be fully completed.

At Going Home Cremations, we offer basic cremations in all of Southwest Florida.

The Rules of Shipping and Flying with Cremated Remains and Ashes

cremation ashes shipping

Shipping and Flying with Cremated Ashes and Remains

It happens almost every day, the untimely death of a family member while out of state or even the country. Or a loved one dies in Florida while in retirement, but you live outside of Florida. What do you do when something like that happens and you want your loved one’s ashes sent some where different than where they passed? You are most likely going to have to fly or ship the cremated remains to their destination.  There are many rules and regulations surrounding shipping ashes nationally or flying with them domestically.


Shipping Cremated Remains:

Once your loved one has been cremated; you do have the option of shipping their ashes once the direct cremation is done. However, there are many rules and regulations surrounding shipping ashes. First, cremated remains are only allowed to be shipped via USPS. They must be shipped overnight via Priority Mail Express. You must have something called a label 139 to accompany the ashes that will be shipped. The priority mail express will provide tracking for the shipment. You can also ship ashes internationally via USPS Priority Mail Express International. However, you must ensure the country will accept cremated remains. Also Priority Mail Express International must be an option to ship cremated ashes to.

The packaging of shipping cremated ashes is very important with a few requirements. If you use your direct crematory to help you ship the ashes, they should be able to do it all for you. If not, check out this link to UPS shipping guidelines for cremated remains: At Going Home Cremation, we offer the service of shipping cremated ashes for our families. The USPS prices tend to vary between $100-$300 depending on where they cremated remains need to be shipped to.

flying with cremated ashes
flying with cremated ashes

Flying with Cremated Remains:

You are legally allowed to fly with cremated ashes as long as you follow some specific guidelines. In the US, most airlines will allow you to fly with cremated remains, but each carrier has a different policy and you must double check their policy. If you are bringing the cremated remains on as a carry on, you must ensure that the urn holding the remains can go through the X-Ray machine, and allow TSA to see the full contents. Stone urns, metal urns, ceramic urns and any other material that is not easily x-rayed will not be allowed. Plastic, cardboard, and most wood urns are okay for the X-ray machine and should be allowed through the TSA security check point. The TSA will not open any urns or examine cremated remains, even if granted permission, so ensure cremation ashes are packed properly prior to going through security.


In Florida, when you are flying with cremated remains, you need two documents: A burial transit permit and a certificate of cremation. The crematory you work with should be able to provide you with both items with ease. You can also put cremated ashes in your luggage, and we suggest that if you do so, attach a copy of the burial transit permit and certificate of cremation to the ashes in your luggage. If you are flying with cremated ashes as a carry on, you should bring both of these documents with you in case there are any questions. If you have any more questions, contact TSA and check out this link about their guidelines:


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At Going Home Cremations, we can help. We are able to help you ship or fly with you your loved one’s cremated ashes. Visit our website or call 941-320-1179.