Why Cremation Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In Florida And The U.S.


Why Cremation Is Becoming Increasingly Popular In Florida


Not only in Florida but also in other states of the U.S. and other countries, cremation has become the go-to funeral service option.
Cremation is becoming increasingly popular these days for several reasons. Some of the main reasons include:

  • Cost Effectiveness
  • A Solution To Land Scarcity
  • Environmental Impact Reduction
  • Flexibility When Changing Accommodation


Cremation – A Cost-Effective Funeral Option

Cremation saves money. Old people, who preplan for their death, do not want to become a burden for their children and grandchildren when they die as burial costs more.

Due to land scarcity and the increase in population, cemetery lots are becoming more and more expensive.

In addition, families have to pay annual taxes, plus the cost of visiting and taking care of the grave.

While for cremation, it is a one-time payment including the service price itself and a place to place the urn if necessary, which is much cheaper.

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reduce cost of cremation

Cremation – A Solution To Land Scarcity

The growth in population makes land more scarce. People need more land for food supply and accommodation. As a result, land might become less available for burial.

cremation is becoming more popular land scarcity

Environmental Impact Reduction

Underground body decomposition releases harmful chemicals, toxins, and bacteria. These substances later seep into the ground, altering the chemistry of the soil and poisoning the waterway. In the long run, it affects human activities and causes diseases in the neighborhood.

On the other hand, the cremation process leaves ashes only. In addition, crematoriums are now equipped with advanced technology system and there are also strict rules, which ensures the process not posing much harm to public health and daily life.

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Cremation makes it easier for changing the accommodation in the future due to its flexibility and portability. After cremation, there are several things you can do with the ashes. In most cases, it gives families the freedom to move. You may scatter the ashes once received, or place them in an urn and bring them anywhere.

cremation in some countries


Cremation Services In Florida

Cremation is widely chosen in Florida these days as it is affordable and brings many benefits. If you are considering or looking for a well-known cremation service provider in Florida, please contact Going Home Cremations!

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