Cremation in St.Petersburg: What Is The Trend?

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When it comes to forms of funeral services, the most popular options are burial and cremation.

Burial was on top of the list in the past 10 years in St.Petersburg, Florida. However, as the city of St.Petersburg has been getting more crowded, cremation has taken over due to its convenience and its adaptability to the trend of society.

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Cremation in St.Petersburg – An Affordable Option

In comparison with burial, cremation is less costly. While burial often costs a few thousands, families in St.Petersburg pay $1500 in total for a package of direct cremation, which is the most popular form of cremation. The price should be higher with additional services depending on the family’s preferences.

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Population Growth in St.Petersburg vs. Land Scarcity

St.Petersburg is the 5th largest city in Florida and the second largest in the Tampa Bay Area. The population has risen gradually for the last 10 years.

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Source: Population USA

In addition, According to U.S. Census Bureau, the average resident age is 39.24, which is older than in other major cities in Florida.

Therefore, on the one hand, there will be the need for land expansion for food supply and accommodation. On the other hand, it is likely that the demand for funeral services may increase over time. As a result, there is a high risk that burial will become more and more expensive but less available, whereas cremation has the adaptability to those changes as it is not dependent on land resources.

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What people in St.Petersburg can do with cremation ashes

Some suggestions on what to do with the ashes afterward are:

  • Keep The Ashes At Home
  • Bury Or Put Them In A Columbarium
  • Scatter The Ashes
  • Make Jewelry
  • Plant Trees Or Turn The Ashes Into Coral Reef

As St.Petersburg is a city on Florida’s gulf coast and part of the Tampa Bay area, a popular option is scattering the ashes at sea. People generally believe that scattering ashes is symbolic of letting their loved one go in happiness. However, there are rules and regulations on scattering the ashes that families should pay attention to.

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Direct Cremation Services In St. Petersburg

Direct cremation is widely chosen in St. Petersburg these days as it is affordable and also offers many benefits. If you are considering or looking for a well-known cremation service provider in St. Petersburg, Florida, please contact Going Home Cremations!

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