How Does A Cremation Service Take Place? What Happens At A Cremation Service?

Cremation has become the top choice as the funeral alternative in Florida and in the U.S. If you are considering cremation as the funeral option for your loved one, depending on the type of cremation chosen, here is what you should expect at a cremation service.

Types of Cremation

The two most popular types of cremation are traditional cremation and direct cremation. Traditional cremation is cremation with ceremony, where you can have different types of memorial services prior to or after cremation.

On the other hand, direct cremation, which is known as simple cremation, does not include any memorial ceremony service. After death, the body is picked up and transported to the crematory for cremation. After the process, the ashes are returned to the family.

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What Happens At A Cremation Service

Documentation Process
The documentation regulations, or the law for cremations in general, may vary from state to state. In the state of Florida, the first thing needed is identification, which involves a family member confirming the identity of the deceased.

Next, the family needs to register the death and obtain the death certificate. This must be done regardless of any funeral arrangements within 5 days of the passing at the state or vital local offices. Usually, the certificate is issued in 3-5 days from the date of registration at no charge.

Other paperwork includes cremation authorization, which gives permission to the service provider to perform their duty, an obituary notice, a will, or any other documentation depending on individual cases.

The paperwork process might be challenging and overwhelming. However, in most cases, the funeral director will assist the family in this process.

Body Preparation

After death, the body is transported to the facility and prepared for cremation there. The preparation involves cleaning and dressing.

If there is a public viewing before the cremation, the body is embalmed. In addition, all the devices attached to the body including any type of metal implanted in the body, pacemakers, spinal cord stimulators, or any medical equipment, or jewelry, are removed. Otherwise, the cremation chamber could explode.

Then the body is placed into a casket or a container. A casket is not required. Many people decide to go for a specialized container for cremation that costs less.

Ceremonies and Cremation

If it is traditional cremation, there is plenty of memorialization and ceremony options you can consider:

  • A viewing or a celebration of life before cremation
  • Last farewell to the deceased at a funeral home (after cremation)
  • A memorial service at a funeral home before the interment of the ashes.
  • A scattering ceremony after receiving the ashes.

How is the Cremation process in florida

With direct cremation, there will be no ceremony. At the planned date and time, cremation is performed at a licensed crematory. After 1-4 hours, the heat turns the body into cremation ashes, which look like light or dark grey coarse sand.

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Cremation Ashes Return and Delivery

After the main process is done, the ashes are put into an urn and then handed over to the family. At this point, there are endless possibilities and creative options for the family to decide what to do with the ashes, which is also a huge advantage of cremation.

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Some suggestions are:

  • Keep The Ashes At Home
  • Bury Or Put Them In A Columbarium
  • Scatter The Ashes
  • Turn The Ashes Into Diamonds Or Make Jewelry

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Direct Cremation: The Top Funeral Service Chosen in Florida

Due to a simpler process, direct cremation offers a much lower price than traditional cremation and other funeral alternatives do. This makes direct cremation the most popular option in Florida and in the U.S.

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